Substantial Sunshine Box

When words aren't enough, send a little sunshine their way. Luxurious mandarin and vanilla bean bath soak, natural konjac facial sponge and relaxing beauty sleep spray will encourage quiet, centred moments, while a cup of uplifting Skin Glow tea and the joy of watching bee-friendly lavender or cosmos seeds flower will feel like a warm hug on a cold day.

~ Mimosa Botanicals Australian mandarin & vanilla bean luxury bath soak
~ Love Tea organic Skin Glow tea pyramids
~ The Base Collective magnesium & lavender beauty sleep spray
~ Organic konjac facial sponge
~ Settler 'Flower Nectar' seeds
~ Embossed, navy blue gift card for a personalised message

We pay forward $1 of our profits from the purchase of this gift box to The Wheen Bee Foundation.

Our Goods.

High-quality, natural, vegan, eco-friendly, and sourced from Australian businesses.

Our Packaging.

Recycled, recyclable, sustainable, compostable and/or, in most cases, reusable.

Our Mission.

To provide utter gifting convenience, minus the compromise.