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Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos

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A beautiful and impressive gift box for parents and baby!

We paired a gentle, organic Konjac sponge and Kiin Baby 3 pack of wash cloths for easy cleansing, because there's really no such thing as having too many wash cloths with a baby.


We added a 
175ml 'Fleurieu' soy candle to act as a prompt to create those essential moments of rest or partner to partner connection.

With their feet up, drink or journal in hand, perhaps even a bit of non-baby related conversation, they can be taken away for a few moments to the sparkling clear waters and golden coastlines of South Australia's beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.

'Fleurieu' is ripe orange and creamy vanilla; the sweet breeze of Summer orchards in bloom.


The light, durable, designed-to-fit-perfectly-in-your-hand, Frank Green original keep cup is the perfect companion for a parent on the go.

Whether it's off to playgroup, a doctor's appointment, the playground, or a stroll around the shops, they can enjoy a hot coffee (yep, you heard us... HOT coffee. Remember those?) or stay hydrated with H20 and not worry about leaks in the pram or nappy bag, thanks to the spill-resistant lid.

It's both stain and odour resistant too, so they'll only taste their beverage and not their cup.


The little soft toy is a fun gift for baby's nursery decor or to inspire open ended, imaginative play as they grow and develop.

Papoose Toys
 are the kind to make it to the keepsake box, saved for years and generations to come thanks to their beauty, quality and the memory of those chunky little dimpled hands clutching them in play or for comfort.

Made from natural wool, helping kids connect to nature, non-toxic, biodegradable dyes are also used to create the attractive tones and colours.


Finally, choose from a soothing, healing and protecting botanically blended nappy cream for baby or nipple cream for Mum.

Nappy Cream

~ Created with the perfect botanical blend of soothing, healing and protecting herbals that nurture delicate and irritated skin. Embrace the healing properties of calendula, aloe, chickweed and marshmallow, with the protecting barrier benefits of zinc oxide.

Nipple Cream

~This beautiful, non-greasy formulation of moisturising active botanicals naturally soothes, heals and hydrates. Mère Nipple Cream has no added fragrances, so the smell of Mum’s milk isn’t affected. It does not need to be removed before a feed.


Box, hand-written gift card and all packaging, decorative and protective, is included in the price of this gift.


Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos
Baby Grand Gift Box ~ Caramel Combos

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