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Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs

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These star sign constellation clay ring dishes will add an extra personalised touch to any gift, whether the recipient knows why or not!


With their subtle design, they're perfect for:

~ the astrology scholar, who knows their sun, moon and rising signs and is sure to recognise their constellation immediately

~ the astrology toe-dipper, who thinks it's all a bit of interesting fun and will be inspired to re-read about their sign

~ the astrology naysayer, who doesn't care and therefore will only see a sweet spot for their precious jewellery!


March 21 ~ April 19
~ Undivided attention givers, direct, impatient, competitive, inspirational, effective and innovative leaders who thrive on action.
~ Power colour: red

April 20 ~ May 20
~ Steady and unhurried, patient, kind, good-natured, reliable, stoical, risk-averse, sociable, entertaining, and serene under pressure.
~ Power colour: green

May 21 ~ June 20
~ Animated gesticulators and conversationalists, youthful, mischievous with childlike enthusiasm and busy brains, multifaceted, resourceful, inventive.
~ Power colour: yellow

June 21 ~ July 22
~ Cautious, evasive and non-confrontational, on good days they are magnetic, funny and affectionate belly-laughers, and bad days withdrawn, brooding and needy.
~ Power colour: white and silver

July 23 ~ August 22
~ Head-turning commanders of attention, proud, warm and cuddly, creative, self-reliant, sometimes arrogant, backbones of their family.
~ Power colour: gold

August 22 ~ September 22
~ Fastidious, analytical fact-finders, worriers, perfectly groomed and immaculately put together, clean and tidy, yet can be quirky. 
~ Power colour: green and brown

September 23 ~ October 22
~ Sociable yet preferring one-on-one conversations, perfectly coordinated, charming, seductive smilers, fair, diplomatic, indecisive, wired for partnership.
~ Power colour: pink and blue

October 23 ~ November 21
~ Unreadable with emotional intensity and hidden depths, fiercely loyal, unforgiving, passionate, thorough and determined.
~ Power colour: black

November 22 ~ December 21
~ Warm and welcoming, loud-voiced party animals, disarming, direct, friendly, witty and hilarious, optimistic, honest and generous.
~ Power colour: purple

December 22 ~ January 19
~ A dedicated provider, caring, cautious, reserved, serious, responsible, pragmatic, and hardworking, often with beautiful bone structure.
~ Power colour: brown and grey

January 20 ~ February 18
~ Systematic list-makers, friendly, quirky, curious and highly original individuals, often very intelligent and with stunning eyes, they easily feel the cold.
~ Power colour: blue

February 19 ~ March 20
~ Charismatic and ethereal with a distinctive walk, sensitive, empathic, evasive, sometimes paranoid, visionary, and often go with the flow.
~ Power colour: light green

Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs
Clay Ring Dish ~ Subtle Signs

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