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Is a gift card included in the box?
Yes, each of our gift boxes include a quality (recycled + sustainable) embossed gift card for a hand-written personalised message to your recipient. You can add your message on the cart page prior to checkout.

What will my recipient see when they open the box?
The first thing they see will be the gift card and your personalised message. Tucked within this is a (recycled + sustainable + reusable) welcome card which lets them know a little about GoodLove, our values, and also doubles as a free frameable art print!

Underneath lies a neatly folded layer of our (sustainable + recyclable + reusable) custom GoodLove tissue paper to keep everything in place and add to the suspense. Depending on the contents of the box, this may also house an extra layer of (sustainable + compostable) wood wool for additional cushioning.

How well is everything packaged?
We are extremely conscious of ensuring our gift boxes include adequate protective packaging and are sealed securely.

We start each of our thick-walled (recyclable + reusable) custom cardboard boxes with a decorative outer sleeve of our (sustainable + recyclable + reusable) custom tissue paper. Within this we place more tissue paper to cushion your selected goods which we position for maximum visual impact and minimal movement.

We then sticker seal the outer sleeve of tissue paper and, if your goods are in any way fragile, will add an extra layer of (sustainable + compostable) wood wool.

Before we close the lid, we place the gift card and an A5 card which introduces the recipient to GoodLove and let's them know how they can best reuse or discard each packaging element.

Our sturdy and solid boxes are then sealed with (recycled + sustainable + compostable) stickers and (recycled + recyclable + sustainable) paper tape.

Is everything vegan?
Yes! Each and every item we choose to include in our gift boxes is vegan. Even our packaging which has been printed using vegetable inks.

We are of course not just for vegans though! We are proud to have gathered goods and created gift boxes that can be sent to and enjoyed by anyone. We aim for the discovery that they are completely animal-free to be the cherry on top of the dairy-free sundae.

Is everything Australian?
Yes, we have sourced our goods exclusively from Australian businesses in order to support local.

To be fully transparent and avoid any potential confusion, two of our chosen goods originate from overseas (our konjac sponges and cotton net tote bags) however were also purchased from Australian businesses. We felt that their natural and eco-friendly benefits greatly outweighed any hesitation to include them based on them not originating from Australia.

Do you work with businesses to create custom gifts?
Yes! We love to work with likeminded businesses to create unique, impressive and memorable gifts for clients, employees or special events. Small or large scale, whatever it is you need, we are here to help you.

Contact us now and let's get this fun ball rolling!

Is shipping free?
No, we charge shipping fees based on weight, size and shipping location, in line with the standard charges of our 100% carbon-neutral courier service, Sendle.

Do you ship Australia-wide?
Yes! We ship to big cities, small country towns and everything in between across this glorious country.

Do you ship internationally?
No, we unfortunately cannot ship Internationally at this time.

How long will it take to get there?
Shipping will generally take within 1-6 business days, depending on how remote the delivery location is.

Same-city deliveries (Adelaide) are generally delivered overnight (from collection not order) while nearby cities are delivered within 2-3 business days.

Can I get it rushed or sent express?
We are unable to offer rushed or express shipping at the current time but hope to be able to do so in the near future!

Can I order in advance and request you hold off on shipping my gift?
Yes, by all means, if it suits you to place your order asap but you don't require the gift sent for a few days or weeks, please place your order as normal and include your requested shipping date alongside your gift card message within the text box provided on the cart page.

Please keep in mind the rough delivery timeframes (as outlined above) depending on your recipient's location.

Can I request a specific delivery date?
We are unfortunately unable to offer or confirm specific delivery dates due to the nature of shipping and the policies of our 100% carbon neutral carrier; Sendle.

We recommend ordering well in advance of any specific occasion or date required, to receive the best chance of delivery on, or prior to, that date.

Please feel free to include any specific date you would like your recipient to open their gift box alongside your gift card message within the text box provided on the cart page. We will then add this instruction to the courier label we affix to the box.

Should I let the recipient know to expect the gift box?
We strongly recommend letting your recipient know a little something special is headed their way in order to ensure the timeliest, safest, and most cost-effective delivery.

What happens if the gift cannot be delivered?
Please see our Shipping Policy page for further information.

What happens if the box arrives damaged?
Please see our Refund Policy and Shipping Policy pages for further information.

I'd like to buy multiple gifts at once and send them to different people, can I do this?
Yes, of course. We recommend placing these orders individually and as normal through our website.

Please feel free to contact us if you're looking to place bulk orders for staff, clients or an event however and we would be happy to assist you to make this process easier.